Friday, 4 May 2012

Irion Books needs you! - Contribute to Remodeling Hell

Irion Books needs you!  We are looking for individuals that want to help contribute to the update we will be doing to the book Remodeling Hell.  The book Remodeling Hell, contains a Salvation Guide which has tips and ticks of the trade and real life horror stories to help educate others so that they avoid experiencing the same hellish event that Charles Irion endured.  

Anyone out there that has a home remodeling horror story of their own to share, someone working in construction, or a contractor with inside information on what home owners should look out for would be great!  You can remain anonymous, or at your approval, if we print your contribution we will name you in the book.  

Help us save people from enduring a Remodeling Hell experience!  If you are interested in contributing please email Jennifer at

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