Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Drunk and High

So it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and I am super drunk and high, having just hung out with my sister and her partner, the Black Rock Star, for his 28th birthday. He and I went to Busters down the street after she went to bed. They have a great selection of beer.

We sat at the bar, watching highlights of the NBA playoffs, Dr Shaq in scubba gear and an immense amount of fine fabric, some goofy skit with someone else on the ESPN stage, fishing, weirdly, while the guy who used to work for the Geek Squad sitting next to us, showed us a video on his phone that had better sound than the TV, of Andy Samberg rapping about a boat, that had about 70 million hits, (about 69,975,000 more than this blog has ever had.)

I found myself tending toward a negative appraisal of just about everything, though I wasn't a total grump. I spoke with the Black Rock Star awhile, talking with him about business finance, as I have managed two and run one. His goal of late is to run a hot dog cart. He is very earnest about it. It is astounding, how earnest, if you are familiar at all with the catalog of his music.

Then I road my bike home, and puked once on the way, and then again on my sidewalk, and then twice, maybe three times in my kitchen compost. And then I puffed, and then I read a criticism of my novel, and then I began to think about the economy, as if I am not always mindful of the economy, and then all the nuclear material scattered everywhere, and all the off-shore oil wells, and I thought, they maintain the economy, but the economy maintains them, and if the economy falters, then what is to maintain those facilities?

I thought about Denmark, with almost no natural resources, evaporating the material of the earth, the wealth of the body that sustains us, how we all churn through it so blindly, everywhere, and I wonder, what is to prevent Humanity, from burning and moldering in massive piles the wealth of the earth, until there can only be but a fraction of the economy? And in doing so, in collapsing, also letting oil facilities cover the seas with oil, in combination with nuclear facilities, killing most of the life on earth?

Sometimes I think there is a demonic energy loose upon the earth, blinding the vast majority of us to the fate that potentially awaits us. Having said all that, I sort of wonder, what is the point of blogging anymore?

I suppose when I sober up, I'll let it go mostly, and go about my life as I do, every day forward.

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